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The most important issue for those who decide to have a cafe is to decide how to decorate this cafe. Of course, there are many factors that affect the decision phase. At the beginning, the issue of cost is the subject that should be taken into consideration first.

After determining the costs of those who want to open a cafe, they are expected to start thinking about other conditions to choose the one that suits them with this cost. The good news, however, is that the high cost does not always mean that you will have a higher potential cafe as well as low cost options.

In this article, we will share our ideas about what should be considered for a cost effective design.

Designing Cafes that are Both Low Cost and Suitable for Every Taste

First of all, you may not always find a cost effective solution right away. If you are not already experienced in cafe decoration, you should keep in mind that you will have to spend more than half of your initial planning. Just when you think that everything was perfectly local, you may face many situations similar to the situations that catch your eye and think you should put an extra table in an area that you never thought of before, which would cause you to be surprised. .

For cafe owners who have taken over these works for the first time, we recommend that they realize the decoration ideas by trying to stay within the lower and upper limits by determining a certain range, not a clear figure on cost.

After all these warnings, let’s share important issues about how you can have more cost effective decoration;

Be Insistent, Not Insistent

Of course, we do not recommend that you give up your dream decoration idea. However, a realistic planning will allow you to proceed with more correct steps with an idea that constantly renews itself, rather than the idea of ​​decorating your dream completely.

Do not try to fill the space completely

You will definitely want to make the most of your space, so you will want to equip your interior and exterior with more tables and chairs to attract more customers. Although this makes sense at first, you should leave a space in a space that allows customers to think that they can breathe while spending time and rest at the same time, with a more optimal layout, rather than causing customers to discourage you when they see a crowded space.

Tend to Prefer Simplicity

Let’s say you prefer a modern design in your space. In this case, you have more options for decoration ideas. If you tend to the idea of ​​a simpler place rather than a heavily soulful place, you have more options to use your cost more effectively. For example, you can cause the place to lose all its feeling with a bright light. A simple lampshade knitted with handmade wires instead of flashy chandeliers is often more interesting than expensive and heavy chandeliers and helps the café feel more comfortable. At the same time, heavy objects have another reason not to be preferred because they will be closed to continuous changes.

As a last word, make sure that your space does not remain the same forever as it was designed, but that it is open to changes, such as a living and spiritual space. Thus, instead of making constant expenses, you can have a more cost-effective but always attractive location with small changes in the space. And the most important thing you should never forget is that your place is the way you communicate with your customers. Therefore, always give importance to your decoration in order to catch the strongest communication.

Owning a cafe requires that many important criteria be met. In addition to administrative and legal procedures, the issue of order and decoration is also very important. We advise you to read our article carefully to learn about the details of the decoration and layout of the food and beverage areas.

The Importance of Arrangement and Decoration

Colleagues, friends, families and lovers love to meet in a cafe to chat or relax. Whether or not a particular cafe is preferred depends entirely on a decoration that appeals to customers. Of course, customers will also consider utilitarian requirements such as price, but will place more emphasis on a place where it can feel comfortable due to human nature. It will include this, whether consciously or unconsciously, by acting only with feelings, even if he is not aware of it. A good arrangement combined with perfect decoration is undeniably important. A well thought out decorative environment makes it possible to attract new customers and retain old customers. Comfort and atmosphere are also factors that determine the success of the operator. These elements are quite complex, but basically linked to the main conditions of competition, which arise according to the neighborhood or the environment, the target customer and the institutions to which rival cafes belong. The idea of ​​layout and decoration may meet a classic concept based on the overall concept or, on the contrary, may aim to be memorable, but the purpose is to consider almost all the senses, including the sense of satisfaction they receive from the food they taste, the positive feelings of the eye-catching environment, and even smell and touches. Since it is an extraordinary sensory experience that is revealed by taking it, the feeling to be applied here is the main subject that should not be ignored.

Elements to be Considered in Arrangement and Decoration

A few important details should be considered for the successful implementation of the cafe decoration. The harmony of colors and light is essential to create a friendly and warm atmosphere. Even warm light is an excellent choice to create a cozy atmosphere. Adding extra light is also a good option. The choice of color depends on the theme or the general concept of the cafe. Furniture is an important element in the layout of the cafe.

In addition to the style of the furniture, its quality and especially its comfort are also very important. Decoration and furniture reflect the appearance and spirit of the cafe. Therefore, it is necessary to know the current area and the overall concept to determine furniture dimensions. Nevertheless, the arrangement that will allow the customers to navigate and sit comfortably, which we can call the movement flow of the space, is the main determinant. On average, at least 50 cm of space should be left between the tables and chairs. Accessibility of the bar and the safe can also be an important factor to consider.

It is important to pay attention to furniture and lighting to give the cafe a living spirit.

Consulting a Professional

Arrangement of a coffee should not be improvised. Undoubtedly, decoration may seem like an easy task, but the potential success of the cafe depends on it. Professionals specialize in this area to facilitate the work of the project owners. These experts examine the features of the cafe in depth and can develop an appropriate layout. Of course, there is no standard formula because everything depends on the conditions of the place and the concept. However, basic rules should also be used to ensure the basic functionality of the cafe.

Professionals in this field develop an architectural and at the same time decorative approach to the cafe, they can perform an ergonomic analysis of the cafe and financial analysis of the works.

For this reason, our advice is to apply professional support as much as possible.


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