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Wall Decorations Decoration Ideas & Examples 2020

Wall decorations decoration ideas and inspirational examples of wall decoration. Stylish and modern wall accessories. Different wall decorations and decoration types...

The first point that attracts attention when entering a place is the walls. because of wall decorationis the easiest and cheapest way to add character and style to a space. Moreover, hundreds suitable for every place, taste and budget different wall decoration There is an alternative. In this article, you can be inspired for your spaces wall ornaments decorating ideas and cool from each other wall decoration samples We share. Good reading. 😉

Wall Decorations Decoration Ideas

1. Hang a Large Scale Artwork

Hanging a large piece of art is the easiest way for an ambitious wall decoration. This can be a photograph or a painting. The work you hanged will involuntarily attract glances because of its huge size and create a focal point within the space.

The colorful painting above has added color and character to the white walls. In accordance with your space and decoration style; you can choose a landscape, an abstract work, or an iconic painting. Just be careful: While a work with depth adds relief to your space, it can strangle the space by creating the opposite wall effect.

If you have a minimalist decoration, you can create a stylish and charismatic mood by hanging a black and white photo. In fact, use your own photo as in the example above. Thus, you can have a special and meaningful wall only for you.

2. Add Dimension with Sculptural Objects and Metal Accessories

Wall ornaments decorating ideas One of the most ambitious methods is to hang 3D and unusual objects on your wall. If you are tired of classical paintings and boards, there are dozens of different types of wall hangers that you can hang on the market. wall decoration samples you can find. Even more beautiful, you can design a special wall accessory for your wall using your own skills. For example, you can make a geometric sculpture from bamboo, as above.

Or you can hang the decorative plasterboard ceiling core, which you can buy very cheaply, on your wall instead of the ceiling. With a little painting technique, you can get a cool wall decor as above.

Here, the black and white metal particles in the appearance of coral are hanged repeatedly, trying to balance the sharp lines of the furniture. You can also combine different materials and design a sculptural wall accessory.

3. Shape With Partition Wall Boards

The biggest advantage of using partitioned tables is that it allows a placement that is suitable for wall spaces of strange proportions. For example, 6 pieces of wooden boards were used to proportionally decorate the strange wall space above the bed. The selected colors and patterns add dimension to the wall behind it.

Patterned canvas paintings in neutral colors complete the decoration and add movement to the space.

These two photos, taken on a moving subject, are colorful and large-scale, continuation of each other; It adds energy to decoration by bringing the fun concept in the summer.

4. Add Freeform Wall Ornaments

You can freely design your walls with wall ornaments consisting of small pieces of flexible use. With these tiny blue butterflies glued in fluid form on the concrete wall surface above, the entire wall has been turned into a work of art.

Objects in curvilinear form should be preferred in the decoration of walls that do not have a clear shape as above, instead of solid-form frames. In the modern living room here, naturally shaped tree sections are used as wall decorations to add warmth to the environment and soften the surrounding geometric forms.

5. Design Gallery Wall

Can’t decide which painting to hang on your wall? Then how about hanging all your favorite pictures in one format as above? Moreover, thanks to this puzzle table layout, you can also make minor additions and subtractions when you are bored.

Using multiple tables together is one of the best ways to arrange the wide wall behind the sofa. With these symmetrically hung paintings, the colors to be emphasized in the hall are freely displayed.

These four paintings in vivid colors add a modern and dynamic atmosphere to the elegant dining room set.

Let’s come to the randomly arranged gallery wall examples… Do you think that you can freely assemble frames of various sizes and colors and use your entire wall as a blank canvas that you can use to express yourself? For this you need to do; Create your own collage from the text and pictures you cut from your favorite photos, paintings, newspapers and magazines and hang them on your wall with appropriate frames. Professional tip: The more you hang the pictures close to the ceiling, the higher your room will look and spacious.

Let us mention that there is no rule that you should adhere to while creating the gallery wall. The variety and density of frames you choose is entirely up to your personal taste and decoration style. If you like the claim, you can also create an eclectic gallery wall as above.

Or, if you have a modern and stylish decoration style, you can make a collage from the ceiling to the floor using black and white photographs and sketches.

If you think that using multiple tables together creates a chaotic and tiring image, this example is for you: the symmetrical appliques above and the 5 small frames between them; Despite its elegant, balanced and minimalist appearance, it seems to be enough to decorate an entire wall.

6. Cover Your Walls with Colorful Fabrics

Especially if you have a bohemian decoration style, these wall accessories are for you! By covering your walls with your favorite patterned fabrics, you can add a warm and soft atmosphere to your room. You can safely capture aesthetics in your bedroom by hanging a piece of carpet or rug on the wall behind the headboard as above.

A tapestry in harmony with the colors of your living room will impress the entire living room.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to have a beautiful wall decor. You can also get an assertive wall accessory by neatly framing a beautiful patterned scarf and hanging it on the wall.

The 70s macrame fashion is back! You can add a warm touch to your home by adding color and texture to your empty walls with macrame wall ornaments that you can easily weave or get ready.

Are the examples above too colorful for you? Then how about hanging this wonderful monochrome patterned fabric, an IKEA product, with laths on your wall? It doesn’t matter colorful or plain; The important thing is to choose a fabric pattern that is compatible with your room.

7. Stylish and Magic: Decorative Wall Mirrors

We all know that mirrors show their spaces more than they do. This effect was maximized by using large mirrors like windows above, on two opposite walls.

Mirrors are also ideal for places with low daylight with their light reflecting properties. You can make your room brighter by hanging a large mirror on the opposite wall of a spot that gets light like a window.

And of course, mirrors add elegance to your walls. If you want your walls to shine and stand out, you can hang classic framed mirrors with gold ornaments as above. You can also use the mirrors to switch between different wall accessories.

You don’t necessarily have to hang a large mirror. You can use the mirrors more creatively as in the example of wall decoration made of antique hand mirrors above.

And recently popular round mirrors blend in with many decoration styles. Hanging a round mirror alone will be enough to add style to your wall.

8. Showcase Your Collection With Decorative Shelves

Don’t have time or effort to create a gallery wall of your favorite works? Then showcase your favorite pictures on the frame racks. Thus, your walls are less damaged and you can change the pictures and frames whenever you want.

We do not need to say that it is not necessary to use two-dimensional pictures and photographs for wall decoration. In fact, you can hang anything you want on your wall. 🙂 For example, you can display a collection or favorite objects on the wall shelves.

You can exhibit the covers of your books, magazines and records placed on thin shelves as works of art. Thus, you have both aesthetic and functional walls.

9. Light Your Walls with Art

Do not forget to use stylish appliques when decorating your walls. Appliques will highlight your artworks and add aesthetics to your wall with their designs.

You can add style to your wall with a sculptural sconce that you can use as a reading lamp. Appliques are one of the most stylish and functional wall accessories.

With decorative rope lighting, you can create a magical and romantic atmosphere on your wall. You can even add a personal touch to your walls by hanging your photos with mini pegs like above.

We hope that we share wall ornaments decorating ideas inspired you. Another one you think should be on this list wall decoration samples If so, please share with us in the comments. 😉

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