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Decorative Wall Ornaments Models & Making

Models of decorative wall ornaments and handmade wall accessories. Extraordinary wall decoration ideas. Creative and inexpensive wall decoration making. from each other interesting wall ornaments...

Wall ornaments Do you still think of paintings and framed photographs? Well, your walls are unique to you, nobody else wall accessories Wouldn’t you like to equip it with? If you are bored with classic paintings and frames or more to hang on your wall different and cheap wall ornaments If you are looking for, we have great suggestions for you! After reading these suggestions, you will look at the objects around you with a different perspective. Here, you can hang it on your wall outside the painting decorative wall ornaments models and handmade wall accessories

Note: Before examining the creative wall ornaments from each other, by clicking on the link below, we shared a comprehensive list of wall accessories ‘Wall Decoration Ideas’ we recommend you to read our article.

Handmade Wall Ornaments Models

1. Live and Dried Plants

You don’t have to use plants only on windowsills, coffee tables and table tops. By hanging small succulents vertically on your wall, you can create a cool wall decoration You can do.

Or you can hang your pots directly on the wall of your home. Moving green to walls, especially for small spaces, saves space without giving up your favorite plants.

You can create a more defined wall decor by hanging your pots on a lattice.

Well, how about moving vertical gardens, which have been trending in recent years, to the walls of your home? By moving the green to eye level as in the example above, you can get walls that you can relax as you look.

If living plants are difficult to care for, dried branches and flowers decorative wall ornament You can add elegance to your ordinary white walls by hanging them.

This tree branch, which is hung on an empty wall and filled with leaves, stands out in a minimalist decoration and creates dramatic atmosphere.

2. Plate Collection

Well, have you ever thought about taking your most valuable dinnerware out of the closed cupboards and displaying it on the dining room wall? You can use ready-made plate hanging apparatus for this.

Let’s mix your cabinets well. Antique plate bowls that you once curled up were looking for your wall decorative wall ornaments can.

3. Baskets

We bet the baskets wall ornaments You never thought of using it as. The bread basket, which you can find very cheaply, is quite ambitious with flat straw objects such as trivet. wall decoration You can do.

Whether it is colorful or neutral, revive your walls with baskets of different sizes and patterns to suit your style!

4. A Great Wall Calendar

A handy and eye-catching large wall calendar would be ideal for hanging on the wall of the kitchen or study room.

Thus, you can follow your activities while adding movement to your empty walls.

You can color the wall behind and hang a specially designed calendar as above to create a modern and interesting look.

5. Writing Board

Hanging a blackboard or chalkboard on the wall; a highly functional and cool especially for the office, study, nursery and kitchen wall decoration will be the solution. While chalkboard or green board give your room a vintage feel, you can complete your modern decoration style with white board.

The example above is for you especially if you enjoy using vintage pieces in decoration. By hanging an old school-type green board on the living room wall, you can have a unique wall decor. Moreover, with a little chalk and a little creativity, you can decorate your walls as you wish.

6. Map

Hang a big world map on your wall. If you wish, you can also hang a specific section on the world map, showing only a region, country or city that you live in or that is special for you. You can even make your map even more personal by pinning the places you go or plan on the map with a pin.

Maps are a great way to reflect your passion for travel to your place Wall decoration It is an option. For example, by framing the places you visit as above, you can cover your entire wall with maps. You can use maps in a variety of ways to suit your decoration style.

7. Your Bike or Your Favorite Items

And we share one of the most fun wall decoration ideas: Bicycles! The bicycles you hang on a creative hanger system you will create on your wall will be the focal point in your home. At the same time, we do not need to mention the saving you will save from the ground.

You can use wooden shelves as another stylish and functional alternative for hanging bicycles.

In fact, you can hang almost anything you love on the wall! For example, if you are interested in music, you can use your musical instruments as a wall accessory.

Or you can add an eclectic touch to your living room by displaying your mask collection on the wall. In short, find an object that you will enjoy seeing, reflecting your style and making you happy and hang it on your wall!

8. Metal Grill

You can create a composition by collecting your favorite items on a metal grid that you will place on the wall. In addition to looking cool, metal grilles offer the possibility to play as you wish without leaving any traces of nails on the wall.

9. Hats

How about hanging your hats that you keep in a secluded place in the corner of your living room? Especially consider the effect it will have on a dark wall as above! Just like straw baskets, hats are great accessories to add extra texture to the decoration.

After all, it makes no sense that hats that you do not use during the winter season occupy space in the closet! your hat decorative wall ornaments As you save space, you decorate your wall stylishly and cheaply.

If you don’t like the rustic look, you can get a more sophisticated look by choosing a few stylish hats in the style and color that suits your decoration style. For example, as in the photo above, which belongs to the workshop of a fashion designer.

10. Clip Secretary File

Let’s get another cheap and cool wall decoration If you don’t want to pay or deal with lots of frames, this method is for you! Hang the secretary files that you can buy very cheaply on your wall. Thus, it will be enough to print A4 of the pictures, photos and inspiring articles you like to update your wall as you wish. 🙂

11. Wooden Pallets

And of course pallets are a must! Pallets do it yourself – they are like logo pieces of DIY designs, you can do whatever you want. 🙂 As in this example, you can cover your entire wall with pallets and get your own exhibition wall, you can go to the third dimension in wall design. The example above belongs to a cafe, as can be seen from the coffee equipment on display.

12. Patterned Tapes

A cheap and practical for those who do not want to drill holes in the wall wall decoration You can use washi tapes as the method. You can make symbolic frames and fill them with picture and photo printouts with these colorful and various patterns of tapes. It will be a clean and practical method to decorate especially the young room and children’s room walls.

13. Doormat

Why not hang a stylish and aesthetic mat on the wall? You can have really unusual walls with this method, which you have probably never thought of before. In particular, if you cannot find a table of the desired size and size, or you do not want to spend a fortune on a large table; We recommend that you look at mats, rugs and derivatives with a different eye. 🙂

13. Sack

If you like rustic and industrial style, which has been very popular in recent years, it won’t be strange to frame an old sack and hang it on your wall. In this example, the sacks of grain taken from the old are framed and matched to create a visual effect that is compatible with the decoration.

14. Vintage Pieces

Antique home accessories are the most ideal shops to buy. This wall accessories goes for. With your decoration style You can create highly charismatic spaces by hanging compatible, favorite pieces on your wall. For example, this is like a vintage railroad crossing sign.

Also, the pieces that are left for your elders and have meaning for you Wall decoration You can evaluate it as. Thus, by keeping the pieces that have meaning and value for you in front of you, you keep your connection with your memories fresh.

15. Magnetic Board

Let your child decorate the wall of his own room! To increase your child’s creativity, you can turn the walls into a playground for your child using a magnet board as above.

Isn’t there any place to hang your magnets on the refrigerator when traveling? Then bring your travel passion to your wall by collecting them all on one sheet of metal.

Decorative Wall Ornaments Models Mix

We shared above decorative wall ornaments models Are you undecided about which one to apply? So how about making a collage with your favorite wall ornaments? You can make an eclectic and interesting wall decoration with a study with paintings, macrame, baskets, frames, mirrors and plants.

We hope you liked the examples we shared. Well, your favorite decorative wall ornaments models which ones? You think it should be on this list wall accessories if any, please share with us in the comments. For more examples wall decoration Don’t forget to visit our page. 🙂

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