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Istikbal Furniture Vera Bedroom Set

Istikbal Furniture is a combination of black and brown, which comes first in Vera Bedroom Set.

Vera bedroom set has a choice of 5 or 6 door wardrobes or sliding door wardrobes.

Our recommendation is for your narrow bedroom sliding door it would be more correct to choose. Thus, you prevent the doors that open from preventing your movement inside the room.

In the Vera Bedroom Set, black weighted duvet cover set with a lot stylish one harmony captured. The top part of the bed headboard, etc. You shouldn’t forget to fill it with accessories.

In this team simple and relaxing wood tone Due to the aspect, vivid colors will not be very pleasant. We recommend that you do not use too many colors in your bedroom, maintain simplicity and feel the peaceful effect of wood.

To learn the price list and Team dimensions Istikbal Furniture you can visit the website.

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