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Vivense Boston Sofa Set

Vivense Boston Sofa Set; It consists of one 3-seat sofa and one armchair. It can be included in the optional 2-seat seat. 3-seat of the team Navy blue color, 2-seat Grey-turquoise if the color is in the berjer black- white and turquoise-white options are available. Natural content and linen texture Boston sofa set used in fabric easy to delete stands out with its feature.

Walnut color wood skeleton Boston sofa set You can choose walnut color wood TV unit and coffee table. Smoked color background curtain and blue with shades bone you can consider color carpet. Walnut color wooden legs Navy blue capped floor lamp, GreyNavy bluegreen You can also color your living room with accessories in different colors.

  • To Boston Sofa Set You can reach it at “”.
  • Carpet Model > Pierre Cardin Voyage Series Blue Bone

Product dimensions:

Width Depth Height
3 Seats 233 cm 95 cm 85 cm
2-Seater Sofa 193 cm 95 cm 85 cm
Bergere 75 cm 80 cm 95 cm

Product Prices:

3-seat Sofa 1.600 TL
Turquoise White Armchair $ 890
Black and White Armchair $ 890
2 Seater Sofa 1.490 TL
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