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Rest with Yataş for Uninterrupted Sleep

Relax with Yataş Bedding Bed Models for Uninterrupted Sleep

In order to start a perfect day, it is very important that our body rests and sleeps all night. Choosing the right mattress and getting to know our body structure well, is the first steps to achieve perfect sleep. Yataş Bedding has different comfortable bed series for different body shapes and sleeping preferences.

Superior Performance Bed Models with DHT Spring Technology

Superior DHT spring technology developed by Yataş with more than 30 years of experience offers perfect comfort obtained without loss of height and deformation. Single and double bed models offer unique sleeping experiences with special DHT technology.

Besides being an orthopedic and long-lasting mattress, the Rina model provides a comfortable and quality sleep experience with its luxurious jacquard fabric structure. Single bed Vesta, which is one of the most preferred models among its varieties, provides a perfect sleeping experience where you can wake up rested with its breathable fabric structure, which keeps its shape intact.

Multi bed model with double annealed DHT spring technology and Sanitized® technology, inner and edge support sponges are designed for a healthy sleep with its double-sided feature. The bed model, which provides a unique alternative for those who are looking for an economical and long-lasting bed, offers a pleasant and comfortable use with its ergonomic structure that fully supports the spine.

Star bed model accompanies a safe and healthy sleep thanks to its double sides that can be used as summer and winter. The design, which provides extra spine support with high density sponges, provides product durability and superior performance.

Stress Balance mattress model, which is one of the most original models of superior Yataş technology, has Feran Ice® feature that removes the static electricity generated in the body. The high comfort obtained by applying little pressure at sensitive points such as joints, shoulders and hips contributes greatly to waking up to the day.

Providing personal thermal comfort, Thermo Rest mattress balances the thermal temperature of the body by using superior moisture technology thanks to its Adaptive ™ fabric feature. It is also among the preferable products with its excellent fabric design, its contribution to creating lightness and spaciousness in your bedroom.

Yataş Pocket Flashy Comfort Series

Cool Action mattress model, which is one of the most popular products of the pocket spring series, is a perfect option with its many features and comfortable structure. The mattress model with Feran Ice® technology has features suitable for the thermal structure of your body. The state-of-the-art spring system, acting independently of each other, supports the sleep pattern of the couple. Free-zone technology that makes sleeping comfortable with your spouse and no-turn technology, which does not need to use the bed in both directions, creates a healthy and pleasant sleep option.

Best bed Tesla Sleep model, another product you can choose while evaluating its alternatives, is a perfect bed with Tesla technology with smart sleep technology, fabrics obtained from superior viscose fibers. Intelligent Pocket spring technology, which perfectly adapts to different body types, provides high level comfort in Tesla Sleep mattress model.

The award-winning Duchess bed, which provides excellent spine support, is among the most valuable models of Yataş. Combining quality and luxury, the superior design, 7-zone perfect spring system, ergonomic features and perfect structure are available in double and single sizes. The sleeping pad feature, which is also intended to increase the comfort of the product, creates a perfect floor for soft and uninterrupted sleep.

Let Your Skin Breathe with Visco Mattress

The mattress series produced with Visco sponges produced exclusively in its facilities with the superior technology of Yataş provides a healthy sleeping experience with its advanced internal structure and ideal body support. The open cell technology and high density visco elastic memory sponge provides a homogeneous permeability between the bed and your body thanks to its high air permeability. The Visco Optimum Support mattress model implements 67% more moisture management and offers smart air conditioning. Thanks to this rapid moisture evacuation, the personalized temperature is comfortably achieved.

You can make Yataş’s superior feature spring mattress models more comfortable by using Yataş branded sleeping pads and bases. Bases and headboards specially designed to be used with Yataş products are complementary for a perfect bedroom decoration. You can also step into the magical world of Yataş and have special products from each other easily.

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